Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We’ll be doing planned maintenance on the new version of Blogger in beta tomorrow (Thursday). This will require two small outages, one at 12:30PM PST and the other after 3PM PST. Neither outage should last more than 10 minutes. and Blog*Spot blogs on the new version of Blogger will be unavailable during the outages. We apologize for these interruptions.

Update, 12:45 Thursday: We've completed the first outage. We've adjusted the time for the second outage to some time after 3PM but before 4PM. Also, the beta and beta blogs will run a little pokey until the second outage.

Update, 1PM Thursday: Non-beta blogs are currently showing 502 server errors. We are investigating this problem and hope to have a fix shortly.

Update, 1:10PM Thursday: Non-beta Blog*Spot is working correctly again. We apologize for this unanticipated side-effect of the planned maintenance.

Update, 3:25PM Thursday: We just completed the second outage. The new version of Blogger is returning to normal. Thanks for your patience surrounding these two brief interruptions, and apologies for the brief unplanned outage of current Blogger's Blog*Spot.