Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some password recovery emails are being sent out with incorrect links, which will cause an error when you try to click on them. We're working on getting this fixed soon, but in the meantime if this affects you, you may be able to work around it yourself. Check your link to make sure there is a "/" after the "blogger.com" part, and if it's missing, add it in. E.g.: http://www.blogger.comlotsofcrazytexthere would become http://www.blogger.com/lotsofcrazytexthere.

If that doesn't help, please be patient, and check back on this page for updates. Once we've fixed the problem, you can request a new password recovery email which will work.

Update (2pm PDT): This should now be fixed. If you are still having trouble getting your login information, please request a new password recovery email here.