Friday, October 29, 2004

I don't usually post here at status but I just wanted to drop by and say: Damn, Blogger is slow. We've been growing for years, but our relaunch last May blew the doors off all the numbers we had come to expect. Blogger activity is through the roof every day and increasing. As a team, we're elated, but as an individual user, I feel your pain.

We're fixing it right now. In addition to buying and installing a supernatural amount of brand new machines, and upgrading existing hardware, we're moving away from the last of some third-party solutions that have given us trouble. Blogger will be on an impressively scalable custom Google architecture which translates into much more than just speed. It means improvements, enhancements, and integration.

Thank you for being patient, we know slow sucks. Wires, boxes, machines, and all manner of gadgetry are being installed at this very moment. We're 100% focused on speeding Blogger up to the point where I am not personally averse to mandating everyone at Blogger dress up as The Flash for Halloween. We are making Blogger faster for you. After all, one of our users is The Incredible Hulk. We wouldn't like him when he's angry.