Friday, July 30, 2004

Bonanza! We've just pushed a veritable ton of improvements to the WYSIWYG editor and a new feature to boot.

New stuff first: if you're a fan of always using Edit HTML mode (or are using a browser that doesn't support Compose mode well) you can now hide Compose mode from Settings | Basic. If you leave Compose mode on, we'll still remember which mode you last used to create a post.

Now for the fixes:
  • details on publish failures are viewable once again
  • tabbing from title/url field to post field has been fixed
  • no extraneous spaces will appear in the post field when switching modes
  • uploading images will work in Safari once again
  • keyboard shortcuts have been fixed in IE6
  • closing div tags will no longer change location upon switching modes
  • further refinements have been made to better handle the escaping of html entities