Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Improvements. Sorry for the lack of updates. We are doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Right now, we've mostly finished and are testing a new publishing engine, as well as the mail-to-Blogger gateway (for Pro). And we have in development a bitchin' new Pro interface that I'm excited about. Also, I think I found (and fixed) the problem with the sporadic sending of invites and BlogSends. And Friday I fixed one of the problems with Blog*Spot that was cuasing flakiness (more to do there). On Saturday, I made it so when Blog*Spot blogs are deleted from Blogger, they are also deleted from the Blog*Spot server (finally). (This isn't retroactive, though, so we still need to do the cleanup on already deleted blogs.) We also have a major new documentation/support system in the works (we're not building it ourselves, and it's going to be cool and help a lot). And we ordered a few new servers. And, and, and...um, more later.