Friday, March 01, 2002

Attention GeoCities Users: Don't panic, but as you may have gotten a notice about yesterday, Yahoo is discontinuing FTP access to free GeoCities accounts as of April 2, 2002. Since Blogger publishes via FTP, this unfortunately means Blogger will stop working with free GeoCities sites at that time. This means you have a few options to consider: 1) Stay at GeoCities and upgrade your account to one of their paid options, which all allow FTP. 2) Upgrade to a different paid host, which allows FTP (you might, for instance, check out Cornerhost, who helps host part of Blogger and starts at $5/month). 3) Move to a different free hosting provider (here is a list of such hosts). Keep in mind also that you may get a certain amount of web space free from your ISP. Most Internet service providers include some space, along with FTP access, as part of the connection fee, though few people seem to use it. You might check that out. (Unfortunately, I don't believe AOL allows FTP access to their member pages.) 4) Move your site to Blog*Spot, our free (or $12/year without ads) blog-hosting service. (You can do this from your blog settings page.)

We know it is annoying to have to move your site—or to pay money. Unfortunately, everyone's trying to make their web sites pay for themselves these days (us included), and things like this are out of our control. But the upside is you might be happier with your new host than the old, especially if you move to a paid service.