Friday, January 18, 2002

This morning, in bed, I realized why the Recently Updated list was often showing so few blogs per minute lately. That was really bugging me, because I looked at the publishing server and knowing that way more than 10 blogs were published every minute, and there should usually be only a one-minute span there, and it made it look like there wasn't as much Blogger use since THE ATTACK (heh). Anyway, it was due to latency in the database replication, and I fixed it forthrightly by only grabbing those that were last published 10 seconds before now. Phew, I feel better now.

(BTW, that's what I meant by this comment, "The Recently Updated list is not exactly comprehensive." Well, it's still not comprehensive, of course, because way more than 10 blogs are published every minute, and the list is only updated with the last 10 every minute. This is why people sometimes think their's isn't on the list. We used to approve them manually before they would be. Now, they just have to be marked public. So, you're in the pool. But still, you're more likely not to get on the list than get on it, especially during peak times. Sorry.)