Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Status. Sorry for the lack of updates. The good news is, things have been running relatively smoothly. There are some occasional permissions problems happening on Blog*Spot archives, as well as the other bugs that Phil has been keeping me appraised of (but, mostly, I haven't been able to address). The servers seem a bit pokey this week. This is due to ever-increasing amounts of usage. We're setting new posts-per-day records constantly and averaging almost 1,000 new signups a day.

Rather than continue to try and implement quick fixes for this (though, we'll do that if things get worse), we're pretty much heads-down in development of new code that will run better and distribute the load. I say "we" instead of the usual "I" because I have another developer now (who kicks ass), and we're getting a ton done.

(Please don't ask when we're releasing anything new—mum's the word until we know for sure.)