Tuesday, October 02, 2001

For those who have wondered, yes, Blogger is hosted at Exodus and, yes, Exodus declared bankruptcy last week. This is not terribly surprising news, as they've been known to be in trouble for a while. And it doesn't mean they're dissappearing right away. But it's obviously somewhat precarious to be relying on them. We'd been researching other options anyway, because bandwith is way cheaper these days than when we signed our (now expired) contract with Exodus a year and a half ago, or whatever it was. But if you know where to get killer deals for co-location, etc., let me known (ev AT pyra.com). I need something in the Bay Area. At least a rack. And lots of cheap bandwidth. Open to trade/sponsorship-for-bandwidth opportunities. (I.e., know some company with bandwidth coming out of their ears who'd like some goodwill? Or perhaps a hosting company who'd like the chance to offer our users hosting?)